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courage & determination

'to inspire'

Where it all began

Emma became part of our lives thanks to her father Jonty, a long time cycling tour client of Maglia Nera Tours.

Emma was born with cerebral palsy but has defied the odds thanks to her parents, Fiona and Jonty, her lively twin sisters Lucy & Annie, her extended family and the supportive group of locals that surround her in Launceston.

Then there is St Giles, a blessing in disguise one could say, close to where Emma lives, who have launched this inspirational young lady like a human rocket, providing world class support & services as she tackles this world in full flight.

It was here we learnt about St Giles, their long successful history, their passion... the way they change lives...

It was here that the 'Tasmania Circumnavigation 100% Charity Ride' was born

Thank you Emma

we aim to assist you
& others who inspire